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“Loving yourself isn’t vanity. It is sanity” – Andre Gide

And with that, lets start off this gorgeous new year by pampering ourselves to a perfect fit. With resolutions being thrown like confetti in the air, let’s stick to a simple, easily achievable one, shall we? Let’s make one to embrace our bodies and give ourselves that dose of confidence that adds a spring to our step. How you ask? Well, a great fitting bra is just the perfect way to start.

Ain’t no better way to begin 2018 than by making sure the foundation of our wardrobes (aka bras) is rock solid. And that begins by throwing out the old (and shapeless) and bringing in the new (and uplifting). Nope, that is not an excuse to shop your heart out and stuff your drawers with bras – a couple of perfect fitting ones are all you need to start with. Remember, quality over quantity darlings – always holds good!

Let’s go through a few life changing reasons as to why you REALLY need that perfect fitting bra:

–  Wearing the wrong bra size can alter the shape of your breasts

– Sagging of breasts occur not only due to old age or breast feeding but also due to an ill-fitting bra.

– A bra that’s too tight can cause breathing problems as they may add extra stress on your back, neck and spine.

Last but certainly not the least (it’s in fact the most compelling reason), a perfect fitting bra can help you drop a dress size. Yes, you heard that right. You don’t need no yoga or pilates, all you need is a Buttercups bra 😀 (not that yoga or pilates isn’t great).

So cheers to 2018 and here’s to a year filled with confidence, love and acceptance.

Be unique, be you!

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The Girls’ Guide to Feeling Happy in your Skin

Find your animal familiar.


Quit comparing your body to a fruit. Apples, pears and oranges are so passé. Look for your type among distinguished, exotic wildlife. Or aquatic life. Do you feel like a starfish as you skitter and careen around a busy street holding up too many bags of groceries? Do you hide like a crab inside a crusty shell and jab a few people as you go about your business at work? Let’s face it don’t you feel a teensy-weensy bit marsupial and kangaroo-like as you strap on your little one into her baby carrier and take a walk in the park? Are you pantherine and feline on the dance floor? Or do you just consistently feel like a noble and majestic sambhar on every day of the week? Take pride in the beauty, grace and sheer wildness of your body. Grrrr.

Love your weird.


All of us have a weird body part. Don’t tell us, you don’t! Your nose that you think reaches all the way up to Kanyakumari, your heavy-lidded eyes that look like an alien crash landed on your face and your fully-wide smile that makes Julia Roberts’ grin look small in comparison. Learn to observe, nourish and then fall a little brazenly in love with your most odd feature. Announce to yourself or to any unsuspecting passer-by who will listen that this will be your superpower henceforth: the place where your inner mojo resides and the part of you that makes you smile secretly to yourself.   

Go fly a kite.


When you’ve had it up to here with running, keto-ing, spinning and starving, take a break from the manic body-policing and go fly a kite. Literally. Jump around and grin gleefully as it soars and roams through the sky… weightless. Watch the wonderfully strange shapes of the clouds as they scud by, and feel rush of the breeze on your skin. Try not to get too frustrated if your kite snags itself into an electric pole or decides to float away into the blue yonder. Breathe deep.    

Deep-dive into your aesthetic.    


Stop obsessing about sizes and shapes and kilograms. Stop dressing to hide your body. Focus on your aesthetic instead and have a ball picking your wardrobe. Do you tend to go very dotty and love dressing yourself silly in circles and loops and well…dots? Do you have a hidden south Indian Rastafarian side waiting to step forth? Do you think you look dishy in black and white? Or do you prefer to go very, very blue and wear all shades of the sea together? Oh, in case the fashion police forgot to tell you this season, please wear exactly what you want!

In summation, love your laugh, love your swimming stroke and your special dance moves. Walk your walk, strut your strut, hug everyone in sight, or not. Love your body. Live happily-ever-after in your skin. Oh, and Happy International Day of Happiness to you!


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